Apple is going to beat all competitors

Ben Burdette bburdette at
Sat Sep 8 04:22:04 CEST 2007

> The iPhone killer, competitor, or comparisons you have been describing - to
> me - should not be done against the neo.  
I happen to think that the neo is indeed an anti-iphone.  Unfortunately 
a lot of people confuse this position with the idea that the neo is an 
iPhone killer - something entirely different.  An iPhone killer would be 
a phone that takes on the iPhone in its target market - nontechnical 
style mongers - and surpasses it.  The neo is not that phone. 

An anti-iPhone, to my mind, is a phone that is open to one and all to 
develop for it.  A phone without barriers to its use, without corporate 
controls and without toll gates.  That's what makes the neo special, not 
its touchscreen, its round shape, its GPS even. 

The problem is that people confuse the anti-iPhone and iPhone-killer 
concepts so much.  This subtle distinction is lost in the rush to 
blogging sensationalism.  So it this light maybe the iPhone should be 
left out of the rhetoric entirely, when possible.  Let's not forget that 
the neo is also the anti-razr, anti-ming, anti-nokia.  Its the 
anti-samsung, anti-blackberry.  In fact, whatever phone you have, its 

The only exception would be maybe the greenphone, only if i remember 
correctly that requires some extra payment to become a developer.  So I 
guess the neo is the anti-greenphone as well. 

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