Video decoding in GTA-02

Ian Stirling OpenMoko at
Sat Sep 8 14:00:35 CEST 2007

Florent THIERY wrote:
>>It doesn't. It does one of the simpler MPEG-4 profiles, don't recall the
>>details. (One of the S-Media models does H.264, but no VGA.)
>>Can't really feel much pain for that, personally.
> Personally i do a bit, since online video is moving towards ubiquitous
> h264 (in Flash player for desktops, or with dedicated chips in f.e.
> appleTV or mobile phones). But who really wants to check out youtube
> videos in the subway ? Marketing, marketing...

At least on trivial tests I did - it seemed to play youtube videos just 
fine on mplayer at 320*240.

This will presumably mean that it needs 50%ish of CPU at 400Mhz. Which 
isn't utterly horrible battery life, just horrible. 4-5 hours?

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