Apple is going to beat all competitors

Fabien fleutot+openmoko at
Sat Sep 8 18:55:51 CEST 2007

On 9/7/07, Nkoli <coomac at> wrote:
> It just occurred to me that Apple's price cut may have nothing to do with
> lagging sales [...] $399 iphones are highly detrimental to the success of
> the Neo1973.

They're after Google, not Neo IMO. Can you remember of any free software
product that became ergonomically mature before several years of ironing? Me
neither, and Apple knows that as well.

Neo keeps a key advantage over iPhone: a real SDK. Someday iPhone is likely
to catch up, but more worryingly, Google is likely to produce a phone OS
which is SDK enabled from day one.

An HTC phone running a decent linux-based OS developed by Google: *that*
would be a serious competitor for iPhone, and a likely openmoko killer.
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