Video decoding in GTA-02

Ted Lemon mellon at
Sat Sep 8 19:31:30 CEST 2007

On Sep 8, 2007, at 3:28 AM, Florent THIERY wrote:
> But who really wants to check out youtube
> videos in the subway ? Marketing, marketing...

My wife uses the video feature on her iPod quite a bit when we're  
traveling.   And video podcasts are a great idea for the subway -  
just as good as reading a magazine, only the pictures move!   So  
don't be too attached to the idea that this is just marketing  
fluff.   The lack of H.264 support is a definite weakness.

> What about encoding features of the smedia chips ? The day there will
> be a camera on the neo...

Unless you're encoding a long run of video, I don't think this is a  
major issue.   If you are, yeah, hardware encoding for H.264 sounds  
like a great idea.

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