Yet another keypad idea

OJW openmoko at
Sat Sep 8 22:48:10 CEST 2007

On Saturday 08 September 2007 14:58, Giles Jones wrote:
> For the web you can have a www button and a combo  
> with .com,, .org and others which the user can predefine. You  
> minimise typing that way and T9 does work for the domain name, you  
> can hold a button to produce a list of symbols (Windows Mobile does  
> this, it works quite well).

I'm just thinking: the autocomplete on bash, or on a Firefox URL bar, only 
starts to work once it receives a load of actual typed text

If you supply to it a set of options "(DEF)(WXYZ)(ABC)(MNO)(PQRS)(JKL)(DEF)" 
when you typed "example" (i.e. multiple possibilites for what you typed), 
then would the address bar text-entry need to be changed to recognise the 
multiple possibilites that you were simultaneously typing?

Or would the keyboard program handle all the possible autocompletions (meaning 
it needs to access the list of recent URLs from the browser, or assume that 
the words you type into emails are the same as the words you use in URLs and 
shell scripts)

(p.s. the " button" idea sounds more like a graphical URL constructor, 
than a keyboard)

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