Apple is going to beat all competitors

Ian Stirling OpenMoko at
Sun Sep 9 12:44:34 CEST 2007

Steve wrote:
> ian douglas wrote:
>>Andreas Utterberg wrote:
>>>Better to get it out now with more bugs, then later with less bugs.
>>I disagree: having *any* noticeable bugs in a release product will bring
>>a lot of criticism. Having "more bugs" just to get a release out the
>>door will generate a lot of bad press about the efforts put in by
>>everyone on the team, and will discourage a lot of people from trying
>>the Neo.
> [...]
> This is a good point.  Let me make a suggestion, don't delay the October
> hardware, but don't call it GTA02 either.  That has already been

As I understand it (from comments by those that know) on IRC, there will 
be no October hardware. has some timeline estimates based 
on that information.
The decision on the version of GTA02v2 to go forward into GTA02v3 had 
not been frozen, as of a weekish ago.

I've made some basic assumptions, and come up with December as pretty 
much a minimum time for developers to be able to purchase it.

# Sep 20 - GTA02v3 design finalised.
# Oct 20 - GTA02v3 design produced, and shipped to qualified developers.
# Nov 20 - GTA02v3 design verified through testing by developers.
# Dec 10 - GTA02v3 produced in moderate volume
# Dec 20 - GTA02v3 goes on sale
# Dec 25 - GTA02v3 arrives.

I really don't see much slack in that schedule - based on past performance.

And of course, this relies on GTA02v3 not having show-stopper bugs.

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