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Mon Sep 10 01:46:58 CEST 2007

Ian Stirling wrote:
> Jens Fursund wrote:
>> On 9/9/07, *Giles Jones* <giles.jones at 
>> <mailto:giles.jones at>> wrote:
>>     Nothing wrong with the hardware, there's just no open source GPS
>>     driver yet.
>> I´m confused: Does this mean that the GTA02 will include GPS-hardware 
>> but not software because of not having an open source firmware?
> No - the hardware and binary module is available for GTA01, and for 
> GTA02 if the choice is made to release GTA02 with the same chipset.
> The module is at the moment delayed, but will be along real soon now.
While I understand the desire to have a fully open-source module (and 
have read the large amount of discussion around this), I have used 
familiar linux with a bluetooth GPS spitting out NMEA and gpsd for 
several years now (primarily with roadmap 
(  For 95%+ of all uses, the gpsd 
interface will be fine - whether the module is binary or OSS.

There is perhaps a significant philosophical difference between the two, 
but I think the functionality will be fine either way.  And regardless 
of which is chosen, an added benefit of using gpsd is that it allows 
multiple subsystems to use location data, as they can all listen to the 

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