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On 07:28:52 2007-09-10 "Robin Paulson" <robin.paulson at> wrote:
> so, i've been following the discussion on finger-based vs.
> stylus-based apps. and i thought it might be a good idea to come up
> with some ideas for something between the two:
> a short (20-30mm long) piece of kit, attached to the finger end
> it would not be gripped between fingers and thumb but instead would
> slip over the end of one finger. it could either be a metal/plastic
> ring, or a soft, close-fitting cap, such as the rubber types used by
> money-counters. a point would be needed to apply pressure to the
> screen - this could be a short piece of metal/plastic, rigidly
> attached to the ring/cap part of the stylus.
> myself, i would be more likely to carry one (lot smaller than stylus,
> cheap to replace if lost) and if it was well-designed it would be
> virtually unnoticeable by others
> anyone else see my vision? or am i insane?

Hehehe... I cut my fingernails so rarely that that's what I basically have
without the extra need of anything :) Works great on the palm m105...

But the idea is usable no matter what the final decision is I think :)

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