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Thomas Gstädtner thomas at
Mon Sep 10 09:35:09 CEST 2007

For a german keyboard you need at least 26+10+3+35=74 signs - and what much
concepts do not yet handle are capital letters, or a shift key.
If it should be really intuitive, you'd have to use special shapes for
capital letters, because doing shift and typing the non-capital letter to do
a capital letter isn't really intuitive (imho).

2007/9/9, D. R. Newman <d.r.newman at>:
> Giles Jones wrote:
> > Thing is there are 26 characters in the alphabet and 10 digits,
> > that's a lot of shapes to remember.
> It depends on which alphabet you are using. Even latin1 has more than 36
> characters, as you have to include all the accented combinations in
> Portuguese, French and so on.
> We really need an input technique to work with any phonetic alphabet
> (Latin, Arabic, Hindi, Bengali etc.) and another to work with
> shape-based alphabets like Chinese.
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