ATI to provide specs (was: Re: SMedia 3362)

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Mon Sep 10 11:49:49 CEST 2007

ma, 2007-09-10 kello 15:20 +0800, Harald Welte kirjoitti:
> guys, as I indicated before, we already have the best possible support
> from Smedia.  Not only have we some promises or statements, but we
> actually have signed a contract with them, binding them to support us
> to the utmost level.
> As indicated previously, this agreement includes a statement that
> OpenMoko will work on to-be-publicized documentation on the SMedia chip,
> which will be jointly released at some point.

This to-be-publicized documentation bit is something that I at least
haven't noticed anywhere yet, and makes the deal better than I thought
(and note that I've been pro-SMedia choice already, as long as you get
to publish free drivers). I (as I think probably many others who've
commented on the suboptimality of the deal) thought the free drivers
would have to speak for themselves as for documentation to the wider

> Do you really prefer to get a device that does not have any working
> driver at all, but with a thousand-page manual (rather than the other
> way around: first have FOSS Drivers, and then get the docs as soon as
> our incredibly small team finds time to do so)?

Please do the driver first :] As said, I suspect people at this point
just didn't know/realize that docs _are_ in the pipeline as well.

> What I personally don't understand about this entire debate on our
> community list:  You have very prominent people of the FOSS movement,
> particularly the Linux community in this project.  Notably Werner and
> myself.  Given my track history of clinging to every last word of the
> GPL, and my stance with regard to binary-only drivers or other
> abominations of the hardware industry:  Why don't you trust us to do
> proper research and chose the vendor that works best for us, given all
> the circumstances?

Indeed, I can sympathize with this point. I think you're trustworthy
guys especially as to providing the most freedom that you can, and I can
see how it can become frustrating that every call you make is heavily
questioned - from that spesific viewpoint where you should by all rights
have the most credibility!

So, please, members of the community, have a little confidence in the OM

> In GTA01, the only freedom related issue that we have is the Global
> Locate (now Broadcom).  Given the start of OpenMoko (alternative
> software for a Windows smartphone that FIC was building) we didn't have
> any influence on that one.

Good that you mentioned this, because I think this bit likely hasn't
gotten the most publicity either.

> Starting with GTA02, we have a very firm openness policy for all our
> hardware components.  Our future designs will follow the same line - and
> we're trying to continuously to push the borders any further.  We make
> our position at chip manufacturers very clear.  And we're having very
> fruitful discussions and results that I am proud of.

And well you should.

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