ATI to provide specs

Jim McDonald Jim at
Mon Sep 10 13:08:27 CEST 2007

Harald Welte wrote:


> Which part exactly are you missing?  That there are no docs now?  Well,
> there is no GTA02 hardware being shipped now either!  And if the
> community rather wants us to finish the documentation first, and then
> write the driver: Please let us know.  Do you really prefer to get a
> device that does not have any working driver at all, but with a
> thousand-page manual (rather than the other way around: first have FOSS
> Drivers, and then get the docs as soon as our incredibly small team
> finds time to do so)?
Not wishing to be contrary for its own sake, but my answer to your 
(supposedly rhetorical) question would be 'the docs'.  If we had a 
complete manual then that would be enough for other people to write the 
driver, whereas if we have a driver and no docs then it's going to be 
next to impossible for the community to add features or fix bugs in said 
driver and we're stuck with whatever functionality your incredibly small 
team finds time to implement.


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