Apple is going to beat all competitors

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Mon Sep 10 17:51:22 CEST 2007

On Friday 07 September 2007 18:53, Marco Barreno wrote:
> Unfortunately, the $300 base/$450 advanced pricing scheme was a special
> discount for GTA01.  The announced price for GTA02 is $450 for Neo
> Base and $600 for Neo Advanced; see Sean's "New Oceans" email:
> or the Neo1973 wiki page:
> At that pricing, though, it will indeed have a tough time competing
> with the iPhone among anyone but the most committed free software
> geeks.

Not true. I'm not a very committed free software geek, I like the GPL, I run 
linux on my home desktop, yet I develop closed source software for a living. 
What I hate however is being limited in what *I* can do with *my* hardware. 

Lately i've been looking into getting a handheld GPS unit. Now there is going 
to be a handheld GPS which is also able to make phone calls. And it will run 
ssh and irc clients. And I will not get charged once again when I use a song 
as ringtone as well. Now that is what I call added value.

Besides, the iPhone is not even available here...


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