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wolfgang_a_h at wolfgang_a_h at
Tue Sep 11 02:19:00 CEST 2007

Hello all,

as I'm waiting impatiently for GTA02 to come out, I'm faced with the decision wether to get the "Base" or the "Advanced" version.

My question is: What exactly are the things that can only be done with the help of the development board?
The additional goodies (2nd battery etc) aside, do I *need* the advanced version anyway to tweak the device and/or develop my own apps for the Neo?

I'm asking also for practical reasons - the advanced version is not only more expensive, but moreover likely to be considerably heavier and larger (mostly due to the box), which will without doubt drive up shipping costs to Europe to noticeable ;o) levels. But if I'll only get all the functionality that I desire by buying the advanced version, I'll gladly shell out the additional costs for the development hardware and the more expensive shipping.

I'd be grateful if anybody could shed some light on this - I browsed around inside the list archives but did not find any information on that. Should there be some related post(s) already, just point me in the right direction (BTW, is there any possibility to directly full-text-search the archives? I didn't see any...)

Keep up the good community spirit everybody


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