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David R. Newman d.r.newman at
Tue Sep 11 12:15:22 CEST 2007

Vittoria Cozza wrote:
>  Thanks,
> it could work.
> but... we are more interested in contribute in the improvement of
> openmoko framwork adding some lowlevel functionalities and not in an
> application level projects.

It depends what you mean by application level. I'd say getting some of
the interfaces done to important services (like sending SMS text
messages or playing music) is pretty important. Then those of us with
access to test subjects can start doing usability testing, while others
continue working on the hardware interfacing problems (like sharing one
UART between different modems).

> Who knows what has more priority in opemoko to do list and can be done
> from a small group of students?

This also depends on what course the students are doing. Is is an
electronics/hardware focussed one, one centred around the O/S, or do
they learn more about graphical interfaces?

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