application idea

Jim McDonald Jim at
Wed Sep 12 22:52:12 CEST 2007

Jeff Andros wrote:
> Last night, while I was looking at the monsoon blowing just outside 
> the heat-island... in my open-top jeep... I had an application idea: 
> GPS based weather feeds.
> on a schedule/when you move into a new area, the phone will go out to 
> a server and retrieve the weather information for the area you're in.

Possibly more interesting would be for the calendar app to look ahead at 
your position-to-be and provide you with details (or even alerts) of 
what (for example) the weather is likely to be when you get to where you 
are going.  Knowing that it will probably be raining when you step off a 
'plane allows you to pack appropriately.


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