2007.2 dialer suggestions

Joshua Layne joshua at willowisp.net
Wed Sep 12 23:50:24 CEST 2007

On Wed, 12 Sep 2007 12:27:53 -0700, "Roger Borges" <vacatola at gmail.com>
> I agree with both of these points. Red and green may interfere with the
> color scheme of the phone, but maybe making the ignore/hangup icon red
> leaving the answer icon orange would be effective?

While I would not suggest that we move the UI to an AngryFruitSalad
(http://catb.org/esr/jargon/html/A/angry-fruit-salad.html) - I am not
certain that a diachrome orange and black scheme is the only answer.

However, I know the UI is themed - my biggest concern is the button
location, not the color - the color can be easily changed by re-theming.


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