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Thu Sep 13 00:27:06 CEST 2007

What is the name of the private company?

It sounds good.

It would be good to do the same thing for internet wireless routers

Francesco Pistillo wrote:
>>> 1)to offer sms  and/or phone call services not just by GSM network, but
>>> with WIFI,bluethoot, and so on, in transparent way from the end user
>>> point of view.
>>> We mean: when a person want to make a call, our program should choose
>>> which is the faster and cheaper way to route the call (WIFI, gsm).
>>> This idea is based on walkie talkie idea in wish list.
>> For me this is the one that I believe would help put an openmoko based
>> phone ahead of the pack.
>> digger
> Hi, i'm a member of "University of Bari" team (Vittoria Cozza). Is
> interesting to combine 1) with 4) mobile MESH to create a
> decentralized network.
> After some research on internet, i found a private company that start
> this project.
> Here is an extract about main idea:
> "..........works using handsets adapted to work as peers that can
> route data or calls for other phones in the network. The handsets also
> serve as nodes between other handsets, extending the reach of the
> entire system. Each handset has an effective range of about one
> kilometre.
> This collaborative routing of calls means there is no cost to talk
> between handsets......"
> "............When a phone is switched on, it begins to look for other
> phones within range. If it finds them, it starts to connect and extend
> the radio network......."
> ".......When a number is dialled a handset checks to see if the person
> being called is within range. If they are, the call goes through....."
> is it a great idea? according to openmoko community we can start this project!
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