application idea

Tilman Baumann tilman at
Thu Sep 13 14:05:48 CEST 2007

Jeff Andros wrote:
> Last night, while I was looking at the monsoon blowing just outside the 
> heat-island... in my open-top jeep... I had an application idea: GPS 
> based weather feeds.
> on a schedule/when you move into a new area, the phone will go out to a 
> server and retrieve the weather information for the area you're in.
> being able to glance at the today screen and see up-to-date weather data 
> would be nice

The biggest challenge would be a mapping from gps coordinates to 
regions/postcodes or such.
If you have this information, you could do all sorts of crazy stuff. But 
i doubt these data would be very easy to get.
Maybe with some algorithm that finds out the nearest known gps location 
from wikipedia. Many cities are already geo-tagged in wikipedia.
Or maybe there is a open and ready to use database out there. But i 
doubt it.
Having the list on the device seems not very practical either. :(

But, hey if we would have such a framework all kinds of crazy things 
could come out of that. *g*
Local Wheather, local time zone selection, local party informations, 
restaurant guides (Qype?), local dial plans for DTMF dialing (This 
feature _has_ to come *g*), ...

If someone stumbles upon such services that can use gps coordinates, 
this might be a good start.
But i guess such services are very sparse.
And last but not least. The biggest problem would be to find services 
that are available world wide.

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