Sim access profile

Matthias Schulze matthias_schulze at
Tue Sep 11 16:50:30 CEST 2007


I guess, I am mostly and end user of this phone.

I apologize, if the following question is already resolved. Will openmoko and 
the Neo 1973 support the sim access profile (SAP) to connect to a mobile 
phone setup in a car? Would this be a question of a proper software only?

Just another comment on the upcoming version of the phone. I hope this new 
version is going to arrive early. It would be fine with me, if the initial 
software were able to make phone calls reliably, include a working events 
planner and phonebook. If possible I would like  support sim access profile, 
see above. I expect to change the software version of the phome quite often 
later on, so I would like my phone book and events schedule to be easily 
transferred after installing a new version.

Given the basic software is working I hope the Neo 1973 is going to be 
available early. To tell you the truth, my old phone is not going to make it 
very much longer.


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