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Sun Sep 16 20:40:41 CEST 2007

Yeah, I think the core team and a great deal of the rest of the community
would prefer OpenMoko to get the OS stable and core features working before
they start working on the third device.  Don't get ahead of yourself.

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Paul Jimenez wrote:

> On Saturday, Sep 15, 2007, Michael 'Mickey' Lauer writes:
>>wolfgang_a_h at wrote:
>>> does anyone happen to know if the debug board of the "advanced" Neo
>>> kit will be compatible with future versions of the Neo (or other FIC
>>o phones, at that)?
>>It will definitely be compatible w/ GTA02. As for the successor
>>models, we can't make a definitive answer yet (there is not even
>>schematics nor silicon for those anyways ;), but of course we'll
>>try to make it compatible...

> Does this means there're no plans on the drawing board for GTA03?

Read my mail again. Plans don't start with schematics and silicon...

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