3 requests/questions for Openmoko: DVB-T / Buddylist / Batman-Mesh

Giles Jones giles.jones at zen.co.uk
Mon Sep 17 00:21:34 CEST 2007

On 16 Sep 2007, at 22:58, Michael Schmidt wrote:

> you missunderstood me, this is exactly my point, use DVB-T and not  
> DVB-H.
> There is the Gsmart T600 phone in my first mail linked, which has  
> DVB-T.
> It works, It works only not, i if you drive in a car with fast speed.
> Only DVB-T allows an anonymous usage. DVB-.H has a back.channel and is
> tracking users.
> As well DVB-T2 Standard for high density Television is on its way...
> so just DVB-T is needs for a start..

DVB-T barely works with a proper aerial, never mind with a headphone  
> Right.. but this is the approach to a modern IPhone: Phone, mp3,
> 5MP-Photo, and Television. Data flatrates offer Instant Messaging, and
> for Afrika we get a Mesh network, which could be B.a.t.m.a.n... so we
> need three subteams to do some research in these fields.. as I see,
> that even the DVB-T Request has not been understood.. all users want
> free TV and watch PPLive sports and not encrypted TV... with DVB-T
> this phone would be ahead  of all... Why paying, if all the country
> has terrestrial TV for Free?
> So the request is indeed to make right from the beginning the display
> a little bit wider to the ends and not rounded ends, but cutted edges
> at the phone, so that a bigger display is possible...

Most phones try to have as many features available in the processor  
itself and then with minimal external components. Cuts down power  
usage and board space, bigger board means smaller battery or larger  
case. People are so against brick phones and bulk.

It is best to stick to mobile chipsets, they are smaller and designed  
for low power situations. Not to mention as soon as you add TV you  
create a market specific handset, there are countries where this  
feature won't work. It's hard enough getting the phone connectivity  
to work in every market in the world.

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