Short guide how to run gllin with chroot

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Ken Yale pisze:
> Hello,
> I sent a GLLIN rebuilt for the 2007.2 toolchain to Mickey, and I 
> believe he is testing it.  To run it, you'll need a named pipe 
> /tmp/nmeaNP unless you specifically disable named pipes with the -np 
> option.  I believe Sean and Broadcom legal folks are straightening out 
> the SLA/EULA for the GLLIN and OMGUI.
> About these exceptions:
> 1)  src/hal_linux_tt.c:1043: glcb_ExceptionAssert:
>         This is from a very old version of the GLLIN, and won't happen 
> in the 2007.2 build.
Will it be available to OpemMoko developers at least as a binary executable?
>         In earlier GLLINs, this might have been one of the low-level 
> tests or training sequences with slighty different wording, and your 
> GLLIN operation instructions might have performed this step each time 
> you start the GLLIN as a safety measure.  This means that you'll 
> always have a cold start, so it is not encouraged for good GPS 
> performance.
Will -recover option solve this problem or do I need newer version of gllin?

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