GSM/GPRS at same time? (was: Re: does dialer supports multiple calls at a time??)

Steve openmokolists at
Tue Sep 18 10:55:42 CEST 2007

Thomas Wood wrote:
> The Dialer does not currently support call hold or multiple concurrent
> calls because these features are not implemented in gsmd.

I have a GPRS question, the wiki says (on the iphone comparison page)
that it is class 12/cs4.  That describes speed and number of channels.
There's a third classification, A-C, which indicates whether it is
capable of utilizing both voice/SMS and GPRS at the same time.  Is the
hardware capable of doing both at once?  If so, is it planned to support
that in the software?  If it can't do both at once, does that mean that
incoming voice calls will busy out? (I.E. the provider won't be able to
deliver it and will route it to voicemail or whatever they normally do.)

Since it was on the iphone page, does anyone know if the iphone can do
both voice and data at the same time?

I suspect both the Neo1973 and iphone fall into class B.

Wikipedia describes the classes:


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