Qtopia coming for Neo1973

Mike Hodson mystica at gmail.com
Tue Sep 18 18:14:19 CEST 2007

On 9/18/07, Michael Schmidt <schmidtm524 at googlemail.com> wrote:
> what is the difference of openmoko and neo?
> Thought neo is the phone and openmoko the project running it.
> So a GTK gui would work even with QTopia phone?
> Ok then there is a development interest for GTK...

OpenMoko is an open-source GTK based software platform for open
phones.  The Neo1973 is an open phone, related to OpenMoko as it was
the original reference platform.  They are related, but not one thing.
This is the difference.  Trolltech have now done what should be done
with open hardawre: they made their Qtopia software platform for open
phones available for / usable on the Neo1973.

With open platforms, comes freedom of choice.


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