Qtopia coming for Neo1973

Lorn Potter lpotter at trolltech.com
Tue Sep 18 22:58:00 CEST 2007

Tilman Baumann wrote:
> Alexey Feldgendler wrote:
>> On Tue, 18 Sep 2007 17:45:51 +0200, Mauro Iazzi 
>> <mauro.iazzi at gmail.com> wrote:
>>>> I hate to say it but in my experience at least, its a dream developing
>>>> apps using QT esp given the nice IDE in comparison to using GTK.  QT
>>>> just has the docs and organised feel which makes it easy.
>>> with the drawback that _everything_ will need to be Qt based
>> Why is that?
> Qtopia is a complete application stack which is not based on the 
> traditional technologies used in unix. Especially problematic is that 
> they have a gui-server which works directly on the framebuffer.

sort of like X11 on these devices.. You could also say that X11 doesn't 
play fair with direct fb access either.

> Not X11 like all other systems. This has better performance and is in my 
> eyes the perfect solution for embedded devices. 

There is no great performance difference between x11 and fb.

> But that is the reason 
> why you can not just compile any X11 application for the phone and run it.
> But this issue is more or less a non-issue, because there is a x-server 
> for qtopia avaiblable.
> But if you want to have native applications which fit right in the 
> framework you have to use Qt and C++.
> And the other problem is that QT has different views about things like 
> PIM storage (addressbook, calendar ...), phone systems (gsmd vs. the 
> qtopia phone-driver system) and so on.
> Both systems just don't fit very well together.
> And i like both concepts...

Then dual boot. :) The Neo has an SD card and open uboot bootloader just 
waiting for a dual boot.

> But thats how it is. Opensource is just about freedom to choose. The 
> more choices the better...


Lorn 'ljp' Potter
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