Qtopia coming for Neo1973

Jonathan Spooner jspooner at nationwilcox.co.uk
Wed Sep 19 10:28:55 CEST 2007

Thomas Wood wrote:
> On Tue, 2007-09-18 at 20:40 +0100, thomas.cooksey at bt.com wrote:
>>> Would you really say either gnome or is wasted effort and should be 
>>> discontinued? Or vim/gnome,linux/bsd,gecko/webkit/mysql/postgres...
>> Yes, it's my personal belief that these projects all represent wasted effort and that if they cooperated they'd achieve more. I always get a nice warm fuzzy feeling whenever I see a forked project merge (Compiz Fusion, Webkit/KHTML)
> You don't think competition has it's advantages? A bigger project
> doesn't necessarily equal better results. There are significant
> differences between (for example) KDE and GNOME that make it useful to
> have a choice. They are tackling the same problem but in different ways.
> It is very important people can experiment and try different things.
> Anything else would be to stifle innovation and progress.
> Regards,
> Thomas
I didn't realise Qtopia was */proprietary/* 
IE no X server.  Given that I retract my earlier comments on preferring 
QT for the quality docs and IDE.....  I'd rather plug away at developing 
in GTK than that.

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