Neo 1973 certification in Russia (Rostest)

fic at fic at
Thu Sep 20 03:07:35 CEST 2007

I want to have Neo1973 in Russia. AFAIK there is a problem about
certification in Rostest. I can discover certification procedure and
prices from Rostest. I wrote following email at Rostest (in Russian):


I have 3 questions about cellular phones certification:

Corean company FIC releases Neo 1973 smartphone:

Is it certified by Rostest?
How much certification will cost?
Which certification procedure you can offer?

Thanks, Anatoly

And i got answer:
Greetings, Anatoly

I need to know:
- Is you a manufacturer?
- Have you a contract with manufacturer and are you a reseller?
- Want you to import producion? How much amount?

Cost and procedure of certification depends of it.

Svetlana, Rostest

(my English is very average, sorry for mistakes)

Is anyone from manufacturers or team, who interested in certification Neo
1973 in Russia?
Can we acts cooperatively?

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