Screen shots of Qtopia on Neo and some thoughts

John Locke mail at
Thu Sep 20 05:50:44 CEST 2007

Jeremy G wrote:
> I would be so disappointed if the OpenMoko devs gave up. 
Huh? I hadn't heard any indication anyone was thinking of doing so...

>  Don't get me
> wrong, I'm excited about Qtopia on the Neo, but I'm more interested in
> having options.  I'm the type of user who loves to play with distros
> on my computers; being able to swap mobile OSes from OpenMoko to
> Qtopia to Sun's Java-based OS and back again is a nerdy, wet dream.
I for one am thrilled to have an actually working, open source phone,
and am finding the Qtopia distro to do that. I was actually showing
OpenMoko to a Windows tech head friend here on Sunday evening, and when
I saw him again this morning with the same Neo but using a completely
new OS, he was clearly starting to get interested. Especially when I
showed him the key/lock thingy.

But I also can't wait for the OpenMoko stuff to reach the point of
usability, and will most definitely install it again when it's more
stable (and probably a few times before then, too).

Two complete distributions you can install and run on the same hardware?
Both free? (not counting Sun since I can't get my paws on that one...)
That's the real revolution here, and I would say this proves Sean's
point of doing this in the first place...

Qtopia came just in time, too--my old phone pretty much died a couple
days ago--it works about half the time, cuts people off all the time
when I flip it open, and I was having to consider (shudder) buying
another phone since OpenMoko wasn't quite ready for day-to-day use.

John Locke
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