Screen shots of Qtopia on Neo and some thoughts

thomas.cooksey at thomas.cooksey at
Thu Sep 20 06:04:19 CEST 2007

>Two complete distributions you can install and run on the same hardware?
>Both free? (not counting Sun since I can't get my paws on that one...)
>That's the real revolution here, and I would say this proves Sean's
>point of doing this in the first place...

Can't agree more, the whole idea of a hackable phone is fantastic. Why I joined the SVHMPC and why I've spent over $1000 on development kits to build my own mobile phone. Shame I only heard about OpenMoko _after_ I shelled out a grand. :-(

My hope is that this marks the end of closed phones. A Nokia, iPhone or Razer I can put my own OS onto?!? That's cool.

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