Screen shots of Qtopia on Neo and some thoughts

Doug Sutherland doug at
Thu Sep 20 06:21:26 CEST 2007

> My hope is that this marks the end of closed phones.

Not a chance. The providers want custom firmware that 
leads you to their pay per use service, pay per item content, 
the recurring charge subscriptions, and the associated data

The relationship between providers and phone manufacturers
is much like between PC hardware manufacturers and the 
software and integrators. They together force consumers to
need more RAM, more this, new mobo, etc. Installing linux
on motherboards tends to void warranties, which makes no
sense, but is the way of the world.

Nokia et al have no business without providers and will 
never stray too far from a very controlled software build.
They dabble in linux with the 770 but do you really think
service providers will sign onto full open source?


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