Neo 1973 certifications in Russia - 2

fic at fic at
Thu Sep 20 11:00:08 CEST 2007

Today i got answer from Rostest:

We don't publish information about cost of certifications, because
cost depents of production, amount of tests, certification schema, and
in some interval.

1. If you want to import 3-10 items, you can make delivery certificate.
It's cost 200$ + tax
2. If manufacturer or his representative decide to make certificate for
manufacturing of this production (for 1 year) - 900$ + tax
3. If you want to import large amount of production - 876$ + tax

I confised about cost treshold. I think that Rostest needs to test 1 item.
Others phones are
Secondary - its looks unexpectedly easy. At this moment only money
matters. I will continie
to dig information. _It will be great, if i can contact with someone of
FIC officials, for solving
certification problems_.

I am not pro in certifications. Have you any advices?

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