interface design suggestions

Giles Jones giles.jones at
Mon Sep 24 00:23:27 CEST 2007

On 23 Sep 2007, at 23:06, Dani Anon wrote:

> I find exactly the same flaws I'm talking about in what you call  
> the new
> interface. Maybe we are not looking to the same thing? Could you  
> provide
> an screenshot of the new interface or tell me how my suggestions  
> aren't
> relevant anymore?
> And the header thing is obviously something I didn't do along the
> missing things I mentioned but I forgot to mention that particular
> detail. As I said, it's work in progress, but I wanted to discuss this
> beforehand cause I don't have much time for something that isn't going
> to be used.
> Dani

See the bottom screenshot on this page:

You might try and get a Linux box and QEMU so you can run the  
software to have play.

Personally I think the graphic design isn't important, people will  
easily fix any issues as it's easy to create icons and good looking  

The hardest thing to fix and get right is the way the interface works  
and behaves.

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