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Nkoli coomac at
Mon Sep 24 03:48:24 CEST 2007

On 9/23/07, Dani Anon <mrtitor at> wrote:
> I find exactly the same flaws I'm talking about in what you call the new
> interface. Maybe we are not looking to the same thing? Could you provide
> an screenshot of the new interface or tell me how my suggestions aren't
> relevant anymore?
> And the header thing is obviously something I didn't do along the
> missing things I mentioned but I forgot to mention that particular
> detail. As I said, it's work in progress, but I wanted to discuss this
> beforehand cause I don't have much time for something that isn't going
> to be used.
> Dani
I doubt any one design will please the majority, but iirc it should be
themable so people can either make their own or find one they prefer. The
general consensus though is that 2007.2 is leaps and bounds ahead of 2007.1.
It's definitely a lot more polished. Take a look at for screenshots of the new interface in action.
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