OM Camera - a new angle

Bryan Larsen bryanlarsen at
Mon Sep 24 07:22:55 CEST 2007

> Then comes the part which really pisses me off: Panasonic has crippled
> the camera so that you can't use zoom or focus functions while recording
> video. Now, I know this is not a camcorder. I don't expect it to record
> good quality video - just something casual once in a while. However,
> maybe I'm gullible, but I do not fucking expect Panasonic to maliciously
> lock me out of basic camera controls when recording.

They lock you out because the results would look terrible if they 
didn't.  So I guess it's a marketing reason, but it's a good one.

The optics on cheap zoom digicams move in a jerky and noisy fashion. 
Optics that aren't are significantly larger and/or more expensive.

It's a significant marketing bullet point when they do allow you to zoom 
  during video on a digicam.  Of the current Canon digicam's, only the 
S5 IS has smooth optics to provide that capability.


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