interface design suggestions

vivek khurana mailing.vivek at
Mon Sep 24 09:01:54 CEST 2007

> - I understand that you are using the same non-gray color through the
> interface (orange) to get some coherence. This can be a good idea to
> avoid making bad color choices but we can do better and get:
>  a) better usability. using different colors for different categories
> of things is a universal and accepted way of improving usability
> (think of traffic lights and signals). You shouldn't avoid this
> resource.
>  b) better experience. The same color all over the interface can get
> boring quickly!

 I would second this. I think OM designers should seriously consider
this suggestion.

> - (strictly design problem) I didn't like the horizontal gradient on
> top, really took my attention toward the left, I felt it was a
> problem.

 +1 for this one.

> - Speaking of font sizes notice how by removing unnecessary elements
> now I have bigger font sizes everywhere that make everything easier to
> read.

 Bigger font sizes is a good option especially for mobile phoens. I
remeber I used to strugle a lot with small font sizes on my Motorola
linux based smart phone.

> - The orange glow to indicate selection of an item: it's a cool idea,
> but unfortunately there's little contrast between orange and white
> (remember this is a cellphone so we need a lot of contrast). Contrast
> between yellow and black is 65%, contrast between the current orange
> and white is 43%. Contrast between a selected cell and the cells above
> and below also helps, that's why I've removed the glow. A plus about
> yellow is that it is intuitively recognized as the most used color to
> highlight stuff. Contrast figures are approximate since I don't know
> the gamma values of the device in question.

 Another good suggestion. Also I would like community/OM designers to
come up witha  theme suitable for colour blinds. People with color
disability form a considerable number of mobile users and notice them
struggle with mobile phones all the time.


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