Is GTA2 UMA/GAN capable

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I guess this is linked to some closeness of the GSM stack software.

I had a 4-months internship searching for this, and my conclusion is that
UMA needs an access to Mobility Management and Radio Resources layers of the
GSM Stack, but unfortunately the modem's firmware is closed (thanks TI...)
and the AT interface won't help us here.

At least the problem is the following: UMA is related to establishing an
IPSec tunnel using SIM-stored credentials (IMSI and SIM algorithms A3/A5/A8
(cant remember wich). This should be accomplished through the AT+CSIM
command, but Harald said somewhere that the security class commands are
disabled in the firmware.

After that, there are issues related to the mobility management, because
with an UMA connection, we would have to shut down the GSM's radio without
shutting down the whole modem (which may de-register from the entire

etc etc...

And I have to re-learn usages of may-could-should & al :D

2007/9/24, Richard Boehme <rboehme at>:
> > > Will the GTA2 be UMA/GAN capable?
> >
> > no.
> >
> > > If not, does anyone know if FIC has any plans for a UMA/GAN capable
> > > OpenMoko phone?
> >
> > yes, we would love to have one.  But I don't think there is any way how
> > we could do it in the forseeable future.
> What would be the constraints on not building a UMA/GAN capable phone?
> Would it be that the chipset is different, or licensing issues? My
> main concern upon purchase is that the hardware is capable; I would be
> willing to wait a while for the software and just use it as an
> organizer until capable software is ready.
> In short, what would it take to turn 'not in the forseeable future' to
> 'feasible'?
> Thanks.
> Richard
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