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Joshua Layne joshua at
Mon Sep 24 23:26:16 CEST 2007

On Mon, 24 Sep 2007 13:27:45 -0400, Ian Darwin <ian at> wrote:
>> I've done enough work in django (python) recently that the idea of going
>> back to PHP sounds like some kind of really brutal punishment.   The
>> code is really much easier to read, because the code and presentation
>> are kept in separate files. The original idea with PHP of embedding code
>> in HTML was cool in theory, but in practice I think templates are a lot
>> easier to maintain.   Django isn't perfect, but I can see why people are
>> edging towards it and away from PHP.
it's also very possible to code PHP using MVC - it just takes discipline.

easier to use a templating engine (like smarty) because it forces the
dicspline on you, but also extra overhead - I would argue it is better to
do it yourself using strict separation.

> It's not just PHP - Java EE had the idea (long ago) of embedding code in
> HTML, but now we tell people to "get the Java out of the JavaServer
> Pages".
> It's funny in a sad sort of way - the original MVC paper was published
> in 1979, darn near three decades ago, and way too many developers still
> haven't got the idea. It's bad when they mess up one application, but
> when they publish a framework, and zillions of people start using it...
we tried teaching basic design patterns to some of our internal developers
(we aren't a software shop, but do write some internal apps) - the
feedback: "Why would we ever need this?"

good development practices are rare IME.

anyway, somewhat far afield from openmoko. As long as the solution they
build makes the neo orderable and deliverable (without my identity being
lifted...), I'm happy  :)

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