Is neo1973 dual boot possible?

Piotr Duda openmoko at
Tue Sep 25 01:08:03 CEST 2007

Krzysztof Kajkowski pisze:
> Hi!
> Is it possible to have both Qtopia and OM environments on one phone?

I've done dual boot on my neo in following steps:

1. format my SD card with ext3 and mount it (on laptop)
2. unpacked rootfs from qtopia-4.3.0-preview-neo-flash.tgz to SD card
3. copied the uImage- kernel to the boot/
on SD card and rename it to uImage
4. umount and take out SD card from the laptop
5. I already have the 'Boot from SD' menu item in uboot menu, check out the wiki
if U dont have one
6. SD card goes into the Neo, then uboot, Boot from SD and here U are...

I have to admit qtopia is quite nice (sounds does not work for me right now and
Ive managed to hang it after first 10min of intense clicking;) but I vote for
the Openmoko, for the openness never seen before in mobiles, from the very begining
and not from the moment where competition arrives...
its only my opinion and I dont want to argue with anyone :-)
but I agree also that its all about having a choice so have fun... ;-D


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