Qtopia coming for Neo1973

Carlo E. Prelz fluido at fluido.as
Tue Sep 25 08:58:26 CEST 2007

	Subject: Re: Qtopia coming for Neo1973
	Date: mar 25 set 07 08:18:31 +0200

Quoting Dani Anon (mrtitor at gmail.com):

> - But QT is not free (as in beer) for commercial usage

This is not the only reason why Qtopia is sub-optimal.

QT is bound to C++. With GTK you can choose to program in C, or, if
you really want to, in C++. With QT there is no way you can write your
code in C. 

Also, Qtopia, by having no X server running in the background, makes
it much more difficult for the average developer to bring his/her own
window to the screen of the phone. With X, there are dozens of ways to
paste an interactive window to the screen. They may be esthetically
discordant with the main theme of the phone, but your code can
communicate to the phone user and the phone hardware. I do not know
how easy it is for one's application to talk to the windowing system
underlying qtopia, but I have reasons to believe that a) I should have
to learn to code in a totally different environment, and b) that
environment would require coding in C++. Both things are not desirable
for me.

I see OpenMoko as a developer-oriented phone/system. Even if current
performance may be not that awe-generating, processor speeds are going
to increase, and optimizations will certainly be made. What I see as
the most important thing in this project is that I would have a
telephone that is equivalent, under as many points of view as
possible, to my main computer and laptop. For this, X is
indispensable, and the fact that the telephone and PIM applications
are coded in the same language of the underlying operating system is
an added value to the level of hackability of the OM platform.

(I also do like much more the graphical look of the OM proposed
interface, but this is purely a matter of tastes)


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