Qtopia coming for Neo1973

Carlo E. Prelz fluido at fluido.as
Tue Sep 25 15:26:27 CEST 2007

	Subject: Re: Qtopia coming for Neo1973
	Date: mar 25 set 07 01:23:37 -0700

Quoting Ted Lemon (mellon at fugue.com):

> This is an utterly pathetic excuse not to try something.   

It would have been, had I never attempted to get familiar with that
language. But I have, a handful of times. And I concluded, many years
ago, that it is not a language for me.

I rest my case: if you want you can use c++ with GTK. But you cannot
use c with QT. 

As far as I can perceive, making a c wrapper of a c++ library (and I
do not mean c-looking code that compiles under c++ - I mean a library
that makes heavy use of those ungodly quirks that c++ is burdened
with) is a task that no sane individual might desire to embark
into... But if/when such a wrapper becomes available, I will make sure
to carve out half a day to gain some experience with it.

> So it's kind of mind-boggling that you were able  
> to come up with so much prose to document your complete lack of  
> knowledge on the topic.

You are welcome to maintain your boggliness if it pleases you. I have
not stated an absolute judgment of value from the programmer's point
of view, of which I am not capable, since I have never programmed in
QT (and I have never programmed in QT because it requires c++ -
otherwise I would have given it a try by now, free or not free).

I still prefer the look of Gnome to that of KDE, but this is purely an
aesthetical judgment. I expect that with some effort I would be able to
use Gnome themes on KDE.

> >Also, Qtopia, by having no X server running in the background, makes
> >it much more difficult for the average developer to bring his/her own
> >window to the screen of the phone.
> Case in point.   This simply isn't true.   You're saying things that  
> you don't know to be true.   Why would you do that?

Hrmpf. How many X applications can you find in sourceforge? This
translates to how many programmers who already can make use of one of
the many tools that are available to generate an X-compatible
executable? And on the other hand, how many people are there who can
easily translate their ideas into a user interface that runs under
Qtopia's windowing system? 

I do mean this when I say that X is easier than Qtopia. I have never
programmed in Qtopia's environment, so I cannot state how easy or
complex it may be.

> >I see OpenMoko as a developer-oriented phone/system.
> I haven't even been able to get a build working.   It only builds on  
> one platform - the build is so brittle that if you don't have that  
> platform, you can't get it to go.   It's early days, so I don't count  
> that against the development team, but this is another stunningly  
> ignorant statement.   Have you actually tried to develop an app for  
> Openmoko yet?

No, since I do not have an openmoko. I might have bought one had they
not canceled the plan for a rebate for the second model.

But I have had a look at the code. And I understand that the X running
on OM will be basically the same X that currently runs on this laptop
of mine from which I am writing this message (minus opengl,
possibly. It will in any way be sensibly faster than the first X I
worked with, back in '93, on that old Tseng Labs video card...).

Once I correctly set up the cross-compiling chain of tools, I do
believe that the very well-known window manager that is used by OM
will not refuse to manage the windows of my humble executables, too.


PS In your mail, you wrote 1) that I use pathetic excuses, 2) that I
have complete lack of knowledge on topics that I write my prose about,
3) that I say things that I don't know to be true, 4) that I make
multiple stunningly ignorant statements. Can you please keep these
personal observations out of the conversation? Just for the sake of
peace and harmony...

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