Qtopia coming for Neo1973

Tim Newsom cephdon at gmail.com
Wed Sep 26 18:39:55 CEST 2007

On Wed, 26 Sep 2007 8:57, thomas.cooksey at bt.com wrote:
> As far as I'm concerned, this should have ended last week. The original 
> question asked was "why continue with OpenMoko development when Qtopia 
> is available, faster, more complete and stable?". It was debated and 
> some pretty conclusive reasons came out (as posted last Thursday)
>> 1) Redundency is good, if Qtopia fails for some reason, there's an 
>> alternative.
>> 2) A greater number existing applications can be ported easily to an X 
>> based framework. There is also precedent in the Maemo >project of 
>> where this has been very useful.
>> I'd like to add a 3rd: Competition breeds innovation. :-)
> I guess a 4th reason that's come out now is "some people just prefer 
> the GTK+ api" and maybe a 5th reason "some people prefer the LGPL over 
> the GPL".
> So there you go, there's the 5 reasons why OpenMoko development will 
> continue.Agree or disagree those are the reasons. Perhaps these could 
> be added to the wiki to avoid future debates running over the same 
> ground?
> Cheers,
> Tom
> PS: The "faster, more complete and stable" bit refers to the _current_ 
> state of OpenMoko and not to what OpenMoko will obviously become.

I guess my only comment is that while I don't really care which 
interface people use on their phones, it seems like the data interfaces 
should be the same... If I open up qtopia phone edition and look at my 
contacts or maybe even edit them and then close it down and open up my 
OM interface and look at them, they should be the same.  All edit are 
visible.. No double entry.

In general, I think that all of that should be possible regardless of 
which interface you use to view/interact with the phone.  Gives a little 
more isolation of the interface from the implementation of where 
everything is, and it gives people the option to switch at any time 
without fear that they need to copy / backup-restore their data when 
switching.  Especially with the relevation about being able to run them 
both at the same time. (Qt has x11 libraries/bindings right?)   So you 
could write qt apps which interact with GTK+ apps through the common 
data infrastructure.

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