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Rod Whitby rod at
Thu Sep 27 01:58:52 CEST 2007

We already know that there will be P0, P1, and P2 phases for GTA02, just
like there was for GTA01 (see the wiki for the definition of these terms
if you don't know them).  The phones people are ordering now are GTA01
P1 models.

We also have not heard any reports of P0 developers getting P0 GTA02
units yet - and believe me when that happens you will know about it,
just like you saw emails, blogs, videos, etc from developers receiving
P0 GTA01 units.

In fact, we do know that roh (an openmoko employee) only got his
pre-pre-pre-pre-development unit the other day, and we do know that that
is not the final hardware version, and we should all realise that
changing a hardware production line takes months, not days.

Make no mistake about it - there is absolutely zero chance of anyone
buying a GTA02 in October.  Last unofficial word from Mickey was
December (in his last conference presentation), and I expect that is for
the P0 or P1 release, not the P2 general market
works-like-joe-user-expects-a-phone-to-work release.

-- Rod (no inside information, I do not work for OpenMoko)

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