still having trouble getting Neo to boot Qtopia from SD

Peter A Trotter peter.trotter at
Thu Sep 27 10:04:18 CEST 2007

Hi Ian,

I have to admit I have not had time to out this on my SD card yet but I have
booted it from the neo normally.

On 27/09/2007, ian douglas <id at> wrote:
> So to recap what I've tried, that doesn't work to get Qtopia on my SD
> card and boot from SD:
> I went to and
> downloaded the three files under "Qtopia for the Neo1973 Downloads", and
> unpacked them onto a 2GB microSD card, formatted as ext3:
> # mount /dev/sdc1 /media/sdcard
> # tar -C /media/sdcard -zxvf \
>    /path/to/qtopia/ficgta01-qtopia-developer-rootfs.tgz
> # tar -C /media/sdcard -zxvf \
>    /path/to/qtopia/arm920t-eabi-ficgta01-toolchain.tgz
> # tar -C /media/sdcard/boot/ -xzvf \
>    /path/to/qtopia/qtopia-4.3.0-preview-neo-flash.tgz
> ... the last step of course placed the uImage file and the rootfs file
> into the SD card's /boot/ folder (there's no documentation anywhere that
> describes where else to place these, so I was guessing as I went)

Looks like your problem is that you do not need the developer rootfs or the
toolchain to boot into qtopia from the sd card.

Inside /path/to/qtopia/qtopia-4.3.0-preview-neo-flash.tgz as you noted is
the rootfs and the uImage. These are the only two you need. uImage in /boot/
and rootfs in /

If I have time tonight I will confirm this for you. always too busy with

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