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Nils Faerber nils.faerber at kernelconcepts.de
Thu Sep 27 13:28:52 CEST 2007

Joshua Layne schrieb:
> On Wed, 26 Sep 2007 18:49:43 +0100, <thomas.cooksey at bt.com> wrote:
>>> I guess my only comment is that while I don't really care which
>>> interface people use on their phones, it seems like the data interfaces
>>> should be the same... If I open up qtopia phone edition and look at my
>>> contacts or maybe even edit them and then close it down and open up my
>>> OM interface and look at them, they should be the same.  All edit are
>>> visible.. No double entry.
>> Agreed, but I'd take it one step further. Given the neo has an internet
>> connection, why can't PIM data be stored on a web server and just cached
>> locally. Couldn't you then integrate that into desktop PIM applications
>> too?
> I would prefer to not have a network dependency on PIM data.  It might be a
> nice extra feature, but I would like to see the core data held on the phone
> supported by the different front-ends.  I may want to switch frontends
> without resyncing all my data.
> It seems like LiPS might be a good start for this shared architecture.

As one being involved in LiPS I feel obliged to reply here ;)

Yes, with the LiPS approach both sides could be satisfied... the LiPS
PIM API is devided into an upper layer service API for applications to
use and a lower layer Enabler API for connecting backends.

So what an application would do is to use the service API and then you
can use any application that conforms to that API without resyncing your
Also for the backend, the application does not need to know where the
data comes from, be it a network remote calendar or a local EDS contacts

So for me it would make perfect sense to use the LiPS APIs and bring
some flexibility to the applications.

> In the event of a "non-compliant" implementation, perhaps
> wrapper/abstraction scripts could be built to make it transparent to the
> end user?

I would prefer to use a standardised API... make things a lot easier.

> Regards,
> j.
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