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Michael Shiloh michael at openmoko.org
Fri Sep 28 10:42:09 CEST 2007

Hello OpenMoko community,

As Sean mentioned in introducing us to you, one of our primary 
responsibilities will be to support you, the OpenMoko community 
developers. This includes keeping you informed of our schedule, and 
getting accurate information to you via the mailing lists, wiki, and 
website, and in person at conferences, LUG meetings, and other formal 
and informal gatherings.

We aim to provide updates every couple of weeks.

We have spent some time getting briefed by the OpenMoko staff in Taiwan, 
and here is our first update:


We have made a short run of additional GTA01 units, primarily to satisfy 
the backlog. These phones have been built and left the factory September 
26, with an expected arrival in Fremont is Oct 3. Shipping should start 
at the end of the same week. In most cases it takes one week from our 
shipping center to you.


We are entering the last phases of finalizing the design. From this 
point forward there are three key milestones in the life of a hardware 
platform: Prototype runs; a pilot run; and mass production. We have made 
three prototype runs to test various subsystems. Our best case analysis 
of the schedule indicates that GTA02 will be ready for shipment to end 
users in early to mid December.

We have heard and understand (and feel) the frustration in the developer 
community with the difficulty in communication. This is due to a lack of 
resources, and not a lack of intention. By hiring us, Sean has shown his 
commitment to the community. Our goal will be to end this frustration.


Joachim "Roh" Steiger
Michael Shiloh
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