Bluetooth Heartrate Monitor (was: Hardiness of the Neo1973?)

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Hence why I'd look at the Suunto PC Pod as an interface to all the ANT
equipment, It speaks regular ANT (
over the virtual serial port '/dev/ttyUSB0' using the cp2102 usb-serial
driver. There is some relevant info on though I plan to put
up some info about the Linux side of things this afternoon.

Pretty much all sports monitoring equipment coming out in the near future
uses ANT, though much of it uses ANT+Sport, which is a closed ANT network.
To join this network you need to enter the 7 byte key, which is currently
unknown to me. Perhaps some reverse engineering could be done to find this
out, one route that might work would be to reverse engineer the firmware of
the qruanium ( a linux open source bike computer, when it
comes out. In the mean time all of the Suunto stuff uses an open network so
it works.


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> According to garmin's site, they use ANT
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