Apple's heavy hand an opportunity for Linuxsmartphones likeOpenMoko

Lars Hallberg lah at
Sat Sep 29 19:09:26 CEST 2007

alan at skrev:
> This is not about style.  This is about optimum human/device interaction
> form factors. It is the size and shape and layout of the iPhone that
> strongly influences the usability of the device.  And...And...Who says you
> can't want style --AND-- freedom?

Have not got my Neo jet (hope it's soon), but I think the form factor is 
good based on earlier use of a touch screen smart phone (Qtech 1010). I 
think the size and shape will make it fit nicely in one hand and be 
operated with the same hands thumb. Small (physical) screen reduce the 
need to stretch Your thumb to reach the whole screen, some space between 
the phones edge and the screens edge is good as my experience is it's 
hard to reach to close to the thumb (if you rest the phone natural in 
the hand).

Two-hand operation will more or less always work almost any form factor. 
But the Q1010 is to big to be a comfortable one-hand device... Belive 
the Neo to be just right... Then... No size fits all.

Anyway, it's too late to start from scratch and be ready in 6 month. Now 
is time to focus on getting the software and interface good. I'm 
experimenting with an input method, but right now I'm waiting until I 
receive my Neo... I really need to test it on a real device to get the 
feel of it (and hopefullyy the project site's svn is fixed by then).

If we succeed at OpenMoko the software platform sure there will be loots 
of phone using it, from FIC and others, and probably some will use the 
'iphone' form factor... Don't worry :-)


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