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> > | That's the point: while you're inside a building, all you have to
> > know | is that you're still inside.
> > Well you can know where you are in the building from AP scan
> > monitoring. ~ In an office building for example you might go to a
> > meeting room or a cafeteria and want that as a different "place",
> > but you never get to the open sky moving around between these
> > places.
> Fair point about different rooms. However, attempts to locate
> yourself up to room precision will fail a lot -- the range of one
> WiFi AP isn't really confined within the walls of a room, so just
> walking the corridor past the meeting room or sitting in an adjacent
> room would trigger the meeting room profile. I don't see how it could
> be made to work up to room precision. It seems to me that building
> precision is the best that's practically possible.

The signal and noise levels are usually fairly different in different
rooms (at the uni I can't easily get the wireless behind the wall on
the other side of corridor.

* access point
| wall
$ me
& door

 |   |
*&   |$
 &   |
 |   |

I can't see why you can't use the noise signal levels in this way as
every room will have a unique AP profile?

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