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Vincent imnotb at
Tue Apr 1 15:27:13 CEST 2008

On 4/1/08, John Lee <john_lee at> wrote:
> Dear Community,
> A decision has been made _today_ that Openmoko is going to support
> Windows mobile.  We, the distribution team, want to provide our
> customers the maximum freedom in choosing whatever platform they want,
> even the close source ones.  We will make necessary modifications to
> wine, thus enable win mobile on neo.
> One specific Openmoko hardware is going to support Windows mobile.
> It's the Neo Pocky.  A prototype has been made and placed in our
> meeting room for quite a while.  Please check this url for intro and
> photos:

Excellent! While I thought the Neo was an excellent device, I didn't quite
like the openness of the OS. You know, it adds security risks and stuff. I'm
very happy to see we are given choice in this matter.

> John Lee

Thanks again,

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