Car charger to GTA02

Michael Shiloh michael at
Tue Apr 1 18:01:43 CEST 2008

A generic solution can be built this way:

1. Locate a generic USB car charger e.g. Make sure it can 
supply at least 1A. Note in my example that the specs don't say this, 
but if you look at the picture carefully you can read the 1A on the 
label. They are very common. I think I found one for less than $2.00.

2. Purchase a standard USB A to Mini B cable,e.g. 
These too are common. I have about 4 left over from digital cameras. You 
can probably get them for free by asking your friends and relatives.

3. Carefully slice open the cable and solder in the appropriate resistor 
between the appropriate conductors (someone needs to document this)

Now you have a generic USB car adapter that you can use on any device, 
and a special USB cable that can probably be used to charge your GTA02 
on most standard USB chargers.

I say "probably" and "most" because of all the non-standard methods 
manufacturers, including us, use to identify their own charger to their 
own devices, like shorting various pins or installing resistors between 
various pins. I would imagine some combinations will not work.

By the way, if someone nicely documents step 3, including the resistor 
value, and how to identify which wires go to which pins, with excellent 
drawings or photographs, I'll nominate that for a "developer of the 
week" award :-)


Alexander Frøyseth wrote:
>   Hmm
> Perhaps I will make one, and offcorse share the plans.
> I do not have a Neo, but if someone dares to try it on theirs and it 
> works, I will be a verry happy man.
> Starting the research now, anyone that can give me the specs of the 
> charger, Voltage and Amps.
> Alexander Frøyseth
> Kolja Dummann skrev:
>> I don't know, if there will be a "official" Car Charger, but if not 
>> you might use something like this[1]
>> [1]
>> 2008/4/1, Alexander Frøyseth <alexander.froyseth at 
>> <mailto:alexander.froyseth at>>:
>>     Hey.
>>     Is it any plans about a car charger to FreeRunner?
>>     And if it is, what are the status?
>>     If not this is something i can need.
>>     Alexander Frøyseth
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